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Sebastian Vettel wins at Silverstone ahead of Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes-AMG team questioned Ferrari's 'tactics' after first-lap spin

The Mercedes-AMG team questioned Ferrari's 'tactics' after first-lap spin.

F1's Vettel leads, Verstappen and Grosjean crash at Silverstone

Vettel bumps off Hamilton heading into British Grand Prix

Vettel bumps off Hamilton heading into British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton wins British GP, slashes Vettel's lead to 1 point

Four in a row for Hamilton, five British Grand Prix victories in all.

Lewis Hamilton blasts to pole position for British Grand Prix

He drives a sensational lap: "I always try to leave the best to last."

But Sebastian Vettel is right on his tail.

2016 British Grand Prix kept mostly calm and carried on

The 2016 British GP provided a wet stew of spins, Safety Cars, tire changes, penalties, and questions about the new pecking order at Mercedes.

Kimi Raikkonen takes on F1 veterans... on lawnmowers

Having raced in Formula One, NASCAR and the World Rally Championship, surely Kimi Raikkonen has proven by now that he can drive just about anything with wheels on any kind of surface: circuits, speedways and off-road rally stages covered in dirt, snow, gravel or tarmac. But this... this is something new.

What you missed on 7.7.14

First Drive: 2015 Lexus NX 200t

Race Recap: 2014 British F1 Grand Prix readjusts the balance of power

Qualifying for the British Formula One Grand Prix was just as much a surprise for fans as it was for teams. Certain team weather radar displays didn't accurately pinpoint storm systems over the track, and in the case of at least two teams, the lack of data was compounded by poor decision making. That's how both Ferraris and both Williams got kicked out of qualifying in Q3 – the drivers already on track took advantage of a dry spell between rains, but Ferrari and Williams waited too long to

Race Recap: British Grand Prix is one part close racing, four parts blowout

The British Formula One Grand Prix wasn't things that go "bump" in the night, it was things that go "Pop!" on the track. Pirelli came into the sport with a mandate to spice things up, but now – unintentionally – the spice could be overpowering the flavor of the food. The general tire chatter, the tire test, the tire tribunal, tire compounds and constructions and a new tire contract for 2014 were joined by tire blowouts, five of them over the weekend, four of them in the race.

Chasing gold at Silverstone for the 2012 British Grand Prix [spoilers]

The British Grand Prix could be considered the sport's home race. That's why Silverstone, as behind the times as it may be, is still on the calendar, and why so many elements within the sport are keen on having a race in London. Because while other races come and go, F1 could not do without a British Grand Prix in some form or another.

Alonso laps Ferrari's first grand prix winner at Silverstone... sixty years later

Ferrari sure had a lot to celebrate this past weekend at Silverstone. Not only did Fernando Alonso score the team's first win of the season, but he did it on a rather momentous occasion for the Scuderia: Sixty years ago in 1951, José Floilán González scored the team's very first victory at the same grand prix, held on the same second weekend in July as this year's race.

SENNA documentary announces dates and cities for limited release

Did you miss the chance to catch Senna in theaters? Did you also miss it when Netflix accidentally allowed you to watch it via their online service? Stop punching yourself in the face because Senna is heading to theaters around the country for a limited time. This means you have no excuse to miss the flick this time around. Get your butts to a theater in one of the following cities on the following dates:

2010 British Grand Prix: Favoritism stokes rivalry in "the Arena" [SPOILERS]

2010 British Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery

Video: Mark Webber and Red Bull F1 makes pit stop in... Parliament Square?

Mark Webber goes for a pit stop in London – Click above to watch video after the jump

Be a Red Bull reporter at the Silverstone Grand Prix

Since Red Bull seemingly has participation in every sport covered, now it's looking for people to cover the sports it participates in. The Red Bull Reporter program is giving UK nationals the chance to attend the upcoming Silverstone Formula 1 Grand Prix as a scribe for Red Bull's on-site newsletter and the Red Bull UK site. Although not for the GP, there are slots for photographers, videographers and musicians in the program if your talents lie elsewhere.

Silverstone unveils new Arena circuit: world's fastest F1 track?

New Silverstone Arena circuit layout – Click above for high-resolution image

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