Be a Red Bull reporter at the Silverstone Grand Prix

Since Red Bull seemingly has participation in every sport covered, now it's looking for people to cover the sports it participates in. The Red Bull Reporter program is giving UK nationals the chance to attend the upcoming Silverstone Formula 1 Grand Prix as a scribe for Red Bull's on-site newsletter and the Red Bull UK site. Although not for the GP, there are slots for photographers, videographers and musicians in the program if your talents lie elsewhere.

Consideration comes after you submit a 300- to 500-word mid-season review of the 2010 F1 season after the Grand Prix of Valencia to the Red Bull Reporter site. If they like it and they link they'll like you, you'll get your press passes to join the Red Bull circus at Silverstone, participate in various media activities and report on "the fan culture at the campsite." And if all goes well you won't be reporting on how Sebastian Vettel and Mark Weber collide and hand McLaren victory...

[Source: Red Bull | Image: Frits van Eldik/Red Bull Photofiles]

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