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The Most Interesting Cab Driver in Havana | Autoblog in Cuba

From life as a government doctor to driving a Ford Model A.

Nelys Navas left her life as a doctor behind to start a taxi company, driving tourists around Havana in her father's restored 1929 Ford Model A.

Autoblog in Cuba: Revisiting our trip to the island nation

As Barrack Obama becomes the first President of the United States to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge did 88 years ago, we look back on our own trip to the island nation in the Caribbean.

Autoblog In Cuba: 1957 Chevy Bel Air Review

Reviewing An American-Cuban Classic From The Right Seat

What to do if you can't find a car to rent and drive in Cuba? Rent an old Chevy and enjoy the ride.

Autoblog In Cuba: How (not) to rent a car

A Frustrating Look At Scoring Wheels At CubaCar

With two CubaCar rental agencies within spitting distance of my hotel lobby, I figured renting a car to drive in Havana would be easy. Naturally, I was wrong.

Autoblog In Cuba: Streets of Havana in hyperlapse

We take an hour's worth of Havana street-side footage and boil it down into a two-minute snapshot of Cuban driving.

Autoblog In Cuba: How to catch a cab, and why you'll want to

Be It A Classic Chevy Or Rattletrap Lada, Cuban Taxi Culture Is Worth The Fare

In our continuing series about cars and travel in Cuba, we delve into all things Taxi. How to find one, what to pay, and why they're fascinating.

Autoblog In Cuba: Kerry raises flag, and hopes for US classic car fans

This week we kicked off our Cuban miniseries from the country's culture of cars. Future wheeled exploration of Cuba is bright, with Kerry's historic visit.

Autoblog In Cuba: Introduction [w/video] [UPDATE]

Bars, Cigars, And All Kinds Of Cars

Autoblog heads to Cuba, to report on the classic car culture of a nation Americans will be rediscovering soon.