Autoblog In Cuba: Streets of Havana in hyperlapse

The streets I drove on in Cuba were insane. Even growing up in the frost-swathed Midwest, the roadways in and around Havana gave new meaning to the idea of what a pothole could be. The ruined roadways can be found in the highly tourist-trafficked parts of the city, but are more prevalent as you get away from the center.

One day of the Autoblog in Cuba adventure took us to just such an area: a neighborhood outside of central Havana called San Francisco. I'm going to have a lot more for you on the trip we took and the car we drove next week, but you can get a fast-motion look at the drive route in the video here.

Even with nearly an hour's worth of driving compressed into just two minutes of video, you can get a great sense for the flavor of the place. It's worth noting that the traffic you see here is the most congested I saw Havana get: not very. I also drove into a carnival being setup, which was a mistake... Enjoy, and look for more from Cuba next week.

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