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Lenco BearCat X3 FireCat | Autoblog Minute

Lenco added a new addition to their armored vehicles. The BearCat X3 FireCat is a fire fighting armored vehicle. Designed for rapid response and dangerous environments.

Army targets 40-percent weight reduction in armored vehicles

In the auto industry, lightweight vehicles are all the craze. Ford is building an aluminum F-150, carbon fiber is steadily becoming more common and lightweight, high-strength steel is incorporated in even the most affordable of vehicles. The military is not immune to this trend, according to a new report from Military.com, which claims the US Ar

Saft unveils li-ion battery system designed for stealthy military ops

We'd venture a guess that a significant percentage of military operations require some sort of stealth and believe that real-world offensives probably bare little resemblance to those made-for-TV shoot -'em-ups that many of us watch on a regular basis. With that in mind, Eric Loveday

DO NOT mess with the Dillon Aero SUV

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