We'd venture a guess that a significant percentage of military operations require some sort of stealth and believe that real-world offensives probably bare little resemblance to those made-for-TV shoot -'em-ups that many of us watch on a regular basis. With that in mind, Saft's recent unveiling of li-ion battery technology designed exclusively for stealthy military operations makes perfect sense.

Saft developed a li-ion battery concept that offers a significant improvement over the lead-acid batteries typically found in armored military vehicles. The 28-volt li-ion setup does not propel the vehicle down the road. Instead, it provides power for all of the on-board systems in use during stealthy reconnaissance missions. The use of the li-ion battery allows the armored vehicles to sit in near silence for longer periods of time while refraining from firing up the engine and polluting the environment or, even worse, being heard by the enemy. We can't help but wonder what's next. Could a battery-electric M1 Abrams be lurking right around the corner? Click here (PDF) to read more about Saft's stealthy li-ion idea.

[Source: Saft | Image: Jeshua.nace - C.C. License 2.0]

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