DO NOT mess with the Dillon Aero SUV

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For this blogger, ever since the movie Stripes, there have been recurring automotive fantasies that began with "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a remote-controlled gun turret on this car?" The folks at Dillon Aero, however, were probably watching the evening news as opposed to cinema when they came up with the Dillon Aero SUV: a government-issue GMC Yukon XL equipped with a Dillon Gatling gun.

The vehicle looks like every other typical VIP G-man SUV, except instead of a leather bench in the back, there is a mounted mini gun and a gunner. When the kind of threat is detected that needs a dose of 30,000 rounds of hot lead every minute, the gunner pops up through the roof. The split hatch forms side protection for the gunner, who can swivel 360 degrees while firing. And then, well, the target is toast as bullet casings rain down on the professional grade SUV like in a John Woo movie. Now if Dillon could just work on rocket launchers... Thanks for the tip, Travis!

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