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Gemballa spins off yet another Mirage GT variant with Gold Edition

Gemballa Mirage GT Gold Edition - click above for high-res gallery

Rumormill: Porsche reconsidering Panamera-based 928 successor?

Porsche 928 – Click above for high-res image gallery

VIDEO: A dozen Carrera GTs take to the streets

Click above to visit's gallery of the Carrera GT gathering

eBay find of the day: Wrecked Carrera GT from "Redline"

If you ask us, sacrificing a bona-fide Porsche Carrera GT for the making of a movie is almost unforgivable. Sacrificing both a Carrera GT and a Ferrari Enzo for the making of Redline is unconscionable. Now we find out a second GT barely made it out of filming Redline with its l

Could Porsche force VW to unload Lamborghini and Bugatti?

Is Volkswagen about to shed some supercars from its stable? It could be the case, if statements by Porsche boss/VW supervisory board member, Wendelin Wiedeking, are taken seriously. When asked about the future Bugatti and Lamborghini within the Volkswagen Group, Wiedeking is quoted as saying "no toys anymore." Cash from the sale of these two exotic makers could help VW work on resurrecting restructuring its core Volkswagen brand, which would allow VW to reclaim its position as a

Redline plays Fast and Furious with exotics

click image for high res gallery of movie cars on display

Porsche calls it quits for Carrera GT

Porsche announced that it has ended the three-year production run of the Carrera GT by delivering the final unit to a customer in the United Arab Emirates. The last Carrera GT is the 1,111th off the line, which puts the final production run a few hundred or so short of Porsche’s original target of 1,500 copies. Inside Line reports that more than half of all the cars sold ended up in North America, however.