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Hot new SUVs from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show

The world may be shifting toward car-based crossovers and away from traditional, truck-based utility vehicles, but that doesn't mean those looking for real off-road and towing capabilities have nowhere left to look. And at least one car company that you probably wouldn't expect is about to enter the segment with the fastest SUV ever made.

Here are the hottest new SUVs unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

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2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The new G-Class, despite looking like the old model left in a rock tumbler for about 30 seconds, is actually very new. It's longer and wider, which pays dividends in one of the G-Class SUV's weakest points: interior space. Leg, shoulder, and elbow room increases for both front and rear passengers. And the interior itself is a much more luxurious, attractive place to be, while nodding to the past with the big grab bar on the dash and leaving the differential lock buttons front and center.

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  • Image Credit: Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Grand Edition

The Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class gets an extra fancy trim level, called the Grand Edition, for 2018. The new trim adds a variety of bits and baubles to make your GLS just a little more plush than the others you see at the country club. It will be available both on the GLS 450 with its twin-turbocharged V6, or the GLS 550 with its twin-turbocharged V8.

On the outside, there aren't many changes. The obligatory "Grand Edition" badges will be strewn about, and 450 and 550 versions each have LED headlights. Each version gets fancy wheels, but the GLS 450 just has 20-inch wheels, while the GLS 550 has 21-inch examples.

It's inside where the Grand Edition really shines. Nappa leather covers both the seats and the dashboard, with the seats getting a diamond-stitched design. It features a light beige and brown color scheme with striped, open-pore wood trim, and standard ambient lighting.

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Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class
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Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini pulled the sheets off the super-SUV on Monday night at a private event at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Detroit to give both North American media and customers of the brand their first look at the vehicle in the metal.

Lamborghini expects the first deliveries to start in September. With a starting price of $200,000, the Urus will have only a handful of competitors, namely the Bentley Bentayga and perhaps a very well-optioned Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography — though it now looks certain a Ferrari SUV is coming. Still, Lamborghini maintains that the Urus will be in a class of its own with its unrivaled horsepower-weight ratio and top speed of 189 mph.

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