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Top 10 Fastest Depreciating Cars

It's a sinking feeling many new car buyers are well aware of, the knowledge that your brand-new car just lost a bunch of money, just because you drove it off the lot.

According to iSeeCars.com, the average vehicle loses about 35 percent of its value after three years of ownership. Some models, though, depreciate at a far faster rate.

While that's bad news for owners who paid full asking price for a brand-new car, it does mean deals can be found on the second-hand market. According to iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly, “Consumers who take advantage of these best bargains can purchase a three-year-old car for half the price of what it would cost to buy the same car new.”

Find out which models depreciate fastest by clicking on the image above.

Last updated July 2018

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10. Buick Enclave: 46.8%

The Buick Enclave is the first of two luxury crossovers on this list of vehicles that depreciate fast. According to iSeeCars, a three-year-old Enclave averages a sticker price of $26,620. That's down 46.8 percent from its cost when new.

If you're in the market for a used crossover and want three-row seating, you might very well find a great deal on an Enclave.

Buick Enclave Information

Buick Enclave
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9. Cadillac SRX: 47.2%

The Cadillac SRX is the second and last crossover on this list of big automotive depreciators. It loses 47.2 percent of its initial value after three years of ownership, with an average price of $ 26,291 on the used market.

The SRX has been discontinued and replaced by a brand-new vehicle called the XT5. Still, if you're looking for a comfortable used luxury crossover, you can probably find a good deal on a Cadillac SRX.

Cadillac SRX Information

Cadillac SRX
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8. Audi A3: 47.9%

The Audi A3 is the first German luxury vehicle on this list, but it definitely won't be the last. “Luxury brands are known for depreciating at a higher rate because they are often leased to keep monthly payments down, which lowers the demand for these vehicles in the used car market,” said Ly.

According to iSeeCars, a three-year-old Audi A3 averages $21,120. That's a drop of 47.9 percent.

Audi A3 Information

Audi A3
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7. Volkswagen Jetta: 48.1%

The Volkswagen Jetta loses 48.1 percent of its initial value after three years of ownership. That makes it the cheapest vehicle to buy on this list of the fastest-depreciating cars in America.

For $13,157, a three-year-old Jetta might make an attractive option for someone looking for a nice and comfortable used vehicle.

Volkswagen Jetta Information

Volkswagen Jetta
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6. Chrysler 200: 48.4%

The Chrysler 200 was recently discontinued, and that likely has a big effect on its value on the used-vehicle market. “Discontinued cars typically have lower resale values than cars still in production.” says iSeeCar's Ly.

Of course, just because it's no longer being produced doesn't mean the Chrysler 200 is a terrible vehicle, and at $14,011, a three-year-old model might be a decent option for the right buyer looking for a stylish midsize sedan.

Chrysler 200 Information

Chrysler 200
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5. Ford Taurus: 49.7%

Although it's still available for the 2018 model year, we don't expect to see the Taurus sitting on Ford dealership lots much longer. But with a three-year depreciation rate of nearly 50 percent and an average price of $18,098, a used Taurus could be a smart buy for someone who needs a big fullsize sedan.

Ford Taurus Information

Ford Taurus
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4. BMW 3 Series: 49.8%

The BMW 3 Series loses nearly 50 percent of its value after three years of ownership, according to iSeeCars. It's one of several German luxury models on this list. “One reason for the high depreciation of German vehicles is because of their high repair costs,” says Ly.

But there's another BMW model that depreciates even faster than the 3 Series. Stay tuned.

BMW 320 Information

BMW 320
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3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class: 49.9%

With an average price of $34,010, a three-year-old Mercedes E-Class sedan is the most expensive vehicle on this list. And with a depreciation rate just shy of 50 percent, it's also one of the biggest used-vehicle bargains.

There are just two more vehicles on this list, and we're about to pass the 50-percent depreciation rate.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz E-Class
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2. Volkswagen Passat: 50.7%

The Volkswagen Passat loses 50.7 percent of its initial value after three years of ownership. While that's not good for current owners, it does mean VW's biggest sedan might be an excellent used-car bargain for families looking for a roomy and comfortable family car. According to iSeeCars, a three-year-old Passat averages $14,906.

Volkswagen Passat Information

Volkswagen Passat
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1. BMW 5 Series: 52.6%

And the biggest depreciator of all is ... the BMW 5 Series. With a 52.6-percent depreciation rate, the three-year-old BMW loses value 1.5 times faster than average.

But that doesn't necessarily mean a used BMW 5 Series is cheap. With an average price of $ 30,846, BMW's mid-level luxury sedan is the second-most-expensive vehicle on this list, behind the Mercedes-Benz E Class that it directly competes with.

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