Odometer turning 100,000 miles
  • Odometer turning 100,000 miles
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    Vehicles Owners Tend To Hold On To The Longest

    The team from analyzed the listings of nearly 400,000 vehicles in the first half of 2015 in an effort to find out which models owners tend to hold on to the longest. To keep the data tight, only one-owner vehicles were considered, and Carfax information was used for verification.

    The results are interesting, to say the least. There are just two brands represented on this list of vehicles that owners tend to keep for a full decade, and both are from Japan. No bonus points for guessing which two...

    The average percentage of owners, regardless of make or model, that keep their vehicles for 10 years is just 13.5 percent, according to The top-performing nameplates, though, yield percentages more than twice that high.

    Click through the slideshow to find out which vehicles owners tend to hold on to the longest.

  • Honda Element in two-tone silver and gray
    • Image Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

    10. Honda Element

    The Element is no longer being produced by Honda, and that's a bit of a shame. The boxy vehicle offered unique looks to go along with a utilitarian interior and lots of storage capacity that's not really matched by anything else currently available.

    What's more, according to, they seem pretty durable. Over 23 percent of Honda Element owners keep their cars for an entire decade, which is 1.7-times higher than average.

  • Honda Pilot crossover SUV in red
    • Image Credit: JEFF KOWALSKY via Getty Images

    9. Honda Pilot

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    The Honda Pilot is a sturdy crossover with three rows of seating, making it appropriate for families who like to travel off the beaten path. Its optional all-wheel-drive system means it can go places minivans can't.'s research indicates that 23.3 percent of Pilot owners keep their cars for 10 years.

    Honda Pilot Information

    Honda Pilot
  • Toyota Avalon in dark grey
    • Image Credit: Frank Polich via Getty Images

    8. Toyota Avalon

    The Toyota Avalon is a large car meant to appeal to those looking for something a little bit bigger than a midsize sedan like the Camry. Apparently, owners are pretty happy with it, too. says that 23.8 percent of Avalon drivers keep them for a full decade.

    Toyota Avalon Information

    Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota Camry sedan in silver
    • Image Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

    7. Toyota Camry

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    As the most popular sedan sold in America, you know there are lots and lots of families who rely on the Toyota Camry for their transportation needs. And those families like to keep their Camry sedans for a long time, too.'s internal data says that 24.4 percent of Camry owners keep their cars for 10 full years, which is 1.8-times greater than normal.

    Toyota Camry Information

    Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Sienna minivan in beige
    • Image Credit: David McNew via Getty Images

    6. Toyota Sienna

    Families who need lots of space can hardly do better than a minivan. And those families may want to keep their extremely functional vehicles for a long time. According to, more than one quarter of all Toyota Sienna owners keep their cars for a full decade.
  • Honda Odyssey minivans on a dealer sales lot
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    5. Honda Odyssey

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    The Honda Odyssey is the second and final minivan on our list of vehicles owners keep for 10 years. It's easy to understand why, since the humble minivan is such a great way to move lots of people and all their cargo.'s research says that 25.6 percent of Honda Odyssey owners keep their minivans for 10 years.

    Honda Odyssey Information

    Honda Odyssey
  • Toyota Highlander crossover in dark grey
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    4. Toyota Highlander

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    For families who need three rows of seats but don't want or can't choose a minivan, perhaps because of the greater off-road capability afforded by a crossover, Toyota offers the Highlander.'s data suggests that Highlander owners keep their cars for 10 years two-times more than average.

    Toyota Highlander Information

    Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota RAV4 in silver
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    3. Toyota RAV4

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    Small families and active couples are drawn to small crossovers like the Toyota RAV4 that offer more cargo-carrying capability than compact cars. As an added bonus, crossovers like the RAV4 offer all-wheel drive, which means they may be more appropriate for off-road adventures like camping or skiing.

    According to, 28.2 percent of Toyota RAV4 owners keep their vehicles for a full decade, which is more than two-times greater than average.

    Toyota RAV4 Information

    Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Prius hybrid hatchback in red
    • Image Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

    2. Toyota Prius

    When hybrid vehicles first hit the market, many were concerned that their complex engines, motors and batteries would prove to be maintenance nightmares. Those fears have proven mostly unfounded. It's not surprising that owners of the Toyota Prius might be more inclined than typical to hold on to their rides, especially considering the excellent fuel mileage they probably enjoy.

    According to, a whopping 28.5 percent of Toyota Prius owners keep their cars for 10 full years.

    Toyota Prius Information

    Toyota Prius
  • Honda CR-V crossover in silver
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    1. Honda CR-V

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    See Local Deals's research indicates that the Honda CR-V is the vehicle owners are most likely to hold on to the longest. With 28.6 percent of CR-V drivers keeping their crossovers for a full decade, it's clear that Honda's compact crossover has a very loyal following.

    Honda CR-V Information

    Honda CR-V
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