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RUF and AMG both tug on our heartstrings

Our favorite from Geneva joins your favorite from Geneva. Plus, we look at a pair of potential mail trucks.


After fiery Concept_One crash, the successor gets cheeky new safety gear.

Richard Hammond had his own clever response to the jab from Rimac.


The rest of the numbers are full-on bonkers, too

The Rimac C_Two has the sensor suite for eventual Level 4 autonomous driving.


It's all proudly wrapped in a Porsche 911 shape.

510 horsepower in a carbon body.


It'll easily cost two million, and only few will be built.

The V10 guarantees 205 mph.


Yep, that's four more miles per hour than a Corvette ZR1. Mission accomplished.

For speed that makes your head spin, better call the Exorcist.


From pub to a pub, over 20,000 miles apart. In an old TVR.

"Just down the road..."


The first car won't have solid-state batteries after all.

The first Dyson vehicle is planned for 2020.


Oldsmobile's late-1980s version of a European-style sports coupe.

The Oldsmobile Division chose to create a European-influenced sportier version of the Toronado.


The New York-based company sees opportunity in the Motor City.

Detroit offers a talent pool and proximity to vendors.


You can reserve the PHEV truck for $1,000.

It's expected to cost $45,000 after federal tax credit.


The $35,000 electric trike is on display at CES.

Deliveries begin in Q2 of this year.


It offers a range of up to 93 miles.

This baby's got the looks and the range.


Autonomous tech, lounge-like interior and door-to-door video display

Byton says the production version will start at $45,000.


Its 'Shared Experience Display' takes center stage.

Byton says it will sell its intelligent vehicle in the U.S. in 2020.


Jia Yueting says Faraday future fundraising is 'making progress.'

"I am deeply sorry and blame myself for the negative impact of LeEco's debt crisis."


Workhorse spins off its aerial technology into its own company.

It will test the SureFly helicopter at CES.


A 10% reduction in drag means 5% more range.

Ignore the chaos behind the curtain. The FF91 is coming along.


The deal is worth about $3.3 billion.

Geely's expertise in the Chinese market and skills in developing electric and autonomous vehicles should help the truckmaker to expand.


Low-volume carmakers like DeLorean can't build any cars until the EPA and NHTSA finish some long-overdue rulemaking.