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  • Salesman's hands giving key to male customer
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    Days to Sell Defined

    There are lots of indicators to tell how well any given automaker is performing in the United States. The most obvious is total yearly sales, but another that's less known but also very important is a figure known as Days to Sell.

    Basically, once an automobile is delivered to a dealership, a virtual clock starts ticking. The clock stops when a new-car buyers signs on the dotted line and drives that automobile off the lot. The time in between is what's called Days to Sell.

    It takes an average of about 75 days for a vehicle to sell in America in 2017, but some car companies are performing at a much better rate. Click on the image above to find out which automakers have the best Days to Sell figures.

  • Mercedes-Benz
    • Image Credit: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

    Number 5: Mercedes-Benz

    The average new car from Mercedes-Benz sits on a dealership lot for 59 days, according to data provided by Edmunds. That's good enough to earn Mercedes a fifth-ranked position in the United States.
  • Audi
    • Image Credit: Jacky Naegelen / Reuters

    Number 4: Audi

    In fourth place in the Days to Sell race is Audi. The German luxury brand's average vehicle is on a dealership lot for just 55 days. That's good enough to earn the fourth position on this list.
  • Toyota
    • Image Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

    Number 3: Toyota

    Toyota's performance in the Days to Sell category is especially impressive, considering that the Japanese automaker does business in every segment in the marketplace, from the cheapest commuter cars to expensive luxury pickup trucks. The average Toyota sits on a lot for 54 days.
  • Honda
    • Image Credit: Toru Hanai / Reuters

    Number 2: Honda

    Honda comes in at number two on our Days to Sell list, with an average of 50 days on the lot. Only one car company does better, and you may be surprised to find out which it is.
  • Subaru
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

    Number 1: Subaru

    Not only has Subaru's total sales grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, its average vehicle is only at the dealership for 23 days before selling to a consumer. That's more than twice as fast as the next best automaker.
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