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And HQ has resisted mightily, but the resistance is weakening

BMW Australia continues to lobby hard for a BMW pickup. The local head says of the growing ute market, "we cannot neglect market trends."


We like the Tacoma, but these Hiluxes are pretty sweet

They range from mild to wild.


Behold: The fastest, most powerful vehicle built in Australia.


The red-bellied black snake can grow to more than 8 feet long.

The Australian tourism board would rather you not read this.


Australia gets a Ranger Wildtrak and Ranger Raptor fighter

Holden and Holden Special Vehicles begin a new partnership and a new era with the Holden Colorado SportsCat by HSV, a Colorado with mechanical and cosmetic upgrades.


Wait, Australia wasn't already getting the Camaro?

Consider it a consolation for the death of the rear-drive Commodore.


Wind-generated energy stored and disbursed when, where it's needed.

With a little lot of help from Tesla, Australia is now home to the world's largest lithium-ion battery. Back in March, Elon Musk told Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes that he could create a 100MWh battery storage farm within 100 days — otherwise, his company would do the job for free. The Twitter pledge was in response to ongoing power shortages in South Australia, which were causing blackouts and political uncertainty about the country's push toward renewable energy sources. The batterie


World Solar Challenge covers 1,880 miles in Australia.

It reflects how much solar power has changed in a few decades.


Australia's bestselling vehicle comes in 31 flavors

There are a number of new cab, engine and transmission configurations.


"I could smell her burnt fur"

"I could smell her burnt fur."


An 1,118-mile stretch of coastline with charging stations.


Consumer agency wants to know why the replacements are taking so long.

Honda doesn't yet know if it was an airbag that hadn't yet been replaced, or a replacement.


"When it's in the air it actually looks like it's further away, then it lands and it looks closer."

TV reporter offers color commentary as the tide comes in.

Good job, mate. Real good job.


The end of the rear-drive Commodore is nigh

It won't be rear wheel drive, but Holden says it's trying to make sure this German Commodore lives up to its namesake.


There's only one NSX in Australia, and it's parked in the Melbourne Crown.

There's currently only one Acura NSX in Australia. Here's how it ended up inside the Melbourne Crown casino.

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