Faraday Future reveals FF91, its new production-intent EV

There's a lot riding on this new electric vehicle.

The Faraday Future story, since its beginning, has been almost cinematically crafted for increased drama. An upstart challenger to the Tesla throne. Millionaires running out of money. Fast, sexy, electric concept cars. And, of course, workplace issues. Tonight, though, the prologue came to a close with the unveiling of the FF91 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The FF91 is an impressive beast on paper. The crossover-style vehicle will have 200-kW fast charging capability, which vice president of propulsion engineering Pete Savagian ( formerly of GM) says will get drivers 500 miles of range per hour of charge. The FF91 will have a 130-kWh battery pack that should give it an EPA range of 378 miles, but probably not if you use the car's 1,050 horsepower (783 kilowatts) often.

Nick Sampson, FF's senior vice president of R&D and engineering, opened the show with a monologue on Faraday's tremendous optimism. He said FF represents "multifaceted disruption" that will "reformat the auto industry." This means the company will have things like the FFID - your personal Faraday Future ID – which will allow you to transfer profile settings from vehicle to vehicle. That way, no matter which FF91 you sit down in, it'll feel like "yours." All of this data means that "you will grow to trust" your Faraday car, because it will learn about you without intruding into your drive, and because FF will keep your data safe. This is all part of what FF describes as a new species of car, as you can see in our Facebook collection of marketing slides used during the presentation, which you can watch above.

If that all sounds good, you can sign up and reserve an FF91 right now over at the Faraday Future website. Price? Nothing yet about the final cost – all we know for now is that the FF91 will be priced like a premium vehicle – but you can sign up for a standard reservation for free or pay $5,000 for a "priority reservation" that will let you get one of 300 personalized "Alliance Edition" FF91s when they launch in spring 2018. Some of that $5,000 will be donated to an environmental protection fund to be named later.

The Las Vegas event was completely devoid of any of the negativity or drama that has been swirling around Faraday Future in the recent past (except when an FF91 on stage didn't self-park despite LeEco founder and CEO YT Jia's attempt to get it to do so. LeEco is the money behind FF). Instead, the focus was on the car, and the company's hopes for tomorrow. The message tonight was clear, and the company's name defined the setting: FF is indeed looking to the future.

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