New Orleans has great charm, awesome parties and some of the best food in the nation. We highly recommend a visit. And if you want to add some automotive flavor to your trip, this converted 1918 Sinclair gas station would certainly do the trick.

The 2000-square-foot loft-style house is packed with automobilia like the classic-car nameplates as drawer pulls in the kitchen, the Flexbeam-style lights in the bathroom, the antique gas pump in the dining area, or the disembodied bumper from a '60s-era DeSoto hanging above the house's only bed. Hubcaps line one wall in the den and a garage-style sliding door lets in sunshine and fresh air.

The owner says the NO streetcar is within walking distance, but says there's a Harley-Davidson rental shop nearby if you want your own wheels.

At $1,800 a week, this gas-station-turned-inn is no discount hotel. But where else will you be able to cook breakfast below the red neon glow of a Mobilgas Pegasus?

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