Convertibles look great on the road, but how to clean the sensitive fabric of the convertible top when it becomes soiled over time? Find out on this episode of Autoblog Details. Watch all our Autoblog Details videos for more quick car care tips from professional detailer Larry Kosilla.

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[00:00:00] Cars with convertible tops look and feel amazing on the road, but what happens when it comes time to clean their special fabric? Find out today on this episode of Details. My name is Larry Kosilla, and I'm a professional detailer. Together with Autoblog, we're creating the ultimate collection of quick car care videos. This is Autoblog Details. Here are the items you'll need for this task.

[00:00:30] First, rinse the top with a hose or pressure washer. If a pressure washer is used, keep the nozzle at least one foot away from the fabric. Water will help remove 70% of the dust and dirt from the top layer. Dry by blotting with a microfiber towel or vacuum blow and then reassess the material. Be sure to not wash fabric tops with common or typical wash mitts, as they break down, and potentially leave lint embedded in the fabric,

[00:01:00] which is extremely difficult and annoying to remove. Next, spray shag fabric cleaner on a small area of the top and use a soft bristle interior detailing brush to agitate the cleaning solution. Use straight line motions up and down and side to side. Avoid circles, as they can encourage older fabric to dreadlock. The brush will lift the dirt and the suds will suspend it until it's flushed away with water. Stiff bristle brushes can be used if the fabric is extremely dirty,

[00:01:30] but avoid heavy downward pressure and circles. Next, immediately rinse the cleaning solution with water and repeat the steps until the top is completed. Now that the fabric is clean, but wet, it's time to dry the fabric. Avoid using terry towels, as they'll leave behind lint balls that are a pain in the butt to remove. Stick with compressed air or a Vac 'N' Blo, or even a leaf blower, to gently push the remaining
water out of the material. Use a dry microfiber towel to then blot any leftover moisture.

[00:02:00] Once completely dry, add a fresh layer of Fabric Guard to the convertible top. This is a hydrophobic protectant designed to repel moisture and subsequently prevent dirt from penetrating the material. Shake the can for 20 seconds. Then spray light, overlapping layers. The goal is to apply two to three thin layers,and avoid single heavy coats that will run and drip, much the same as painting. Follow the directions and allow the appropriate dry time for your product of choice. Avoid introducing water during the curing period.There's no doubt convertibles are fun,

[00:02:30] but their material is quite sensitive, and requires extra thought to maintain them properly and to enjoy the view for years to come. For more how-to car care videos visit I'm Larry Kosilla from, we'll see ya next time. [00:02:45]

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