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Chang'an Motor Corp (Ford and Suzuki's Chinese partner with a cool Star Trek-slyle logo) will build a gasoline-electric hybrid for the Chinese market (and possibly overseas) by 2008. The company said it hopes the hybrids will make up 10 percent of it's sales by 2010. The company will invest about $31 million as part of its $620 million investment in its own-brand cars. Chang'an's announcement comes after other automakers – Toyota and Geely Automobile – said they would bring hybrids t

Apparently the industry is tired of talking about the potential alliance between General Motors and Nissan/Renault, so we've moved on to a new potential alliance, that of Sirius and XM. Both companies comprise the only players in the satellite radio business, so if the two were to pair up the resulting company would have quite the monopoly. It's not a monopoly of much, as neither company has been able to turn a profit since each began.

Reuters reports that second-generation air bags are less risky for children while still providing appropriate levels of safety for larger adults. The development is a vast improvement upon earlier generation air bags, which were developed to protect an average size male and could be lethal for smaller adults and children.

EV Rental, a smallish rental agency on the West Coast that rents nothing but hybrids, is doing quite well for itself. EV Rental has 425 hybrids and the cars are rented out 90 percent of the time (compared with 80 to 85 percent for most rental agencies). EV Rental can also charge about $10 more a day than other agencies' comparable non-hybrid vehicles. The company turned a profit last year, and the EV Rental CEO told the Wall Street Journal that this year should be even better. The Journal writes

We know, June is a little late to be releasing your annual report for the prior year, but Delphi was forced to wait until discussions with GM and its own unions concerning wage and benefit reductions bore some fruit. That fruit came in the form of an agreement with GM for a historical attrition plan that has seen 12,600 Delphi employees and 35,000 GM workers agree to job transfers, buyouts and early retirement.

Volvo is coming right along with its plans to have its new green production plants operational soon. Volvo Trucks' plant in Tuve, Sweden, for example, will use five large wind power plants and a new biofuel plant to generate electricity and heat. Volvo will open its first CO2-free factory in 2007, and the Volvo Group will open two additional CO2-free factories by the end of 2008. When the plants generate more power than they can use, the excess will be fed back to the grid. All of this furthers

With Hyundai's recent string of successful redesigns, we're patiently awaiting to learn what the next incarnation of its Tiburon coupe will be like when it debuts in 2008... make that 2009... actually, make that never, as Motor Trend is reporting the Tiburon will be phased out then to make room for a new rear-wheel drive "poor man's BMW" sport sedan arriving in 2008. The sport sedan will spawn a coupe and convertible in 2009 that will replace the current Tiburon that's been on the market since 2

Official shots of the 2007 GMC Acadia have just surfaced on Inside Line GM's media site, and here we get our first look at the production version of GMC's first product ever to be offered without a full frame. Built on the Lambda platform that will also underpin the 2007 Saturn Outlook and 2008 Buick Enclave, the Acadia features a 267-horsepower 3.6L V6 and six-speed auto transmission. Fuel economy should range between 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. It will be available in front-

The possibility of a merger, or at least an alliance, between General Motors and Renault/Nissan has opened speculation to other combinations. Levin's opinion of a GM/Toyota combo, while improbable, may just be the wild card GM CEO Wagoner needs to ward off a more probable GM/Renault/Nissan three-way.

On June 30th, British Prime Minister Tony Blair went from a visit to a children's hospice to the official opening of the £45 million Teesside 1, the first biodiesel production plant operated by Biofuels Corporation PLC. Teesside also the largest biodiesel plant in the UK and, according to the company, has the "capacity to provide a quarter of the UK's Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation 2010 target for diesel." The plant was in operation before the official opening, and the Biofuels Corpor

Autoblog reader Chris Belanger was out in the Santa Barbara area (Summerland, CA, to be exact)  when he came across two camoflaged 2008 BMW X5's heading north on 101. He alertly snapped four photos and send them to us. it appears to be the same pair of X5s, on black, one white, that have been snagged testing before. Chris got a super front 3/4 view of the white one and rear shots of both, with the rear shots taken using a telephoto lens as he drove at highway speed.

Tata Motors has disclosed that it is working with General Electric's plastics division to develop solutions for its forthcoming ultra-low cost small car.

As we know, it's awful hard to quantify just how green our lifestyles are. Pretty much everything we use, buy or eat has a history that can be chained further and further back, where the ecological impact gets harder and harder to measure. We can commute to work on a bike, for example, but how was the metal for the bike extracted from the earth? How was the bike transported from the factory to the shop? And so on. It might be only the greenest of the green who stay up nights worrying about this,

Hoping to further bolster sales of the popular Fusion, Ford will be offering a new "sport appearance" package on 2007 SE models equipped with the I-4 engine. The Detroit News reports that the package will go for less than $500 and include a black chrome grille, color-keyed fog lamps, 17-inch wheels, and red seat inserts with red stitching. A 2007 Fusion SEL without said appearance package is shown above.

We linked to AutoblogGreen reader Jason Coyne's blog last week when he posted a review of the Toyota Camry Hybrid he recently purchased. He then wrote in to say he appreciated the extra attention his review got from that link (among others) and that someone sent him feedback on the review questioning just how green hybrids are. So, in good blogger fashion, he took a whack at the topic with a post titled "Are Hybrids Really Green - An Economic analysis of the real cost and benefits of owning a hy

It's time again for another Q&A session with the Dodge SRT engineering team, and this time it will be held within the hallowed forums of SRT10forum.com at 6 PM tonight. Click here when the time comes to join the discussion.

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