Nissan GT-R T-spec comes with a Godzilla green interior

It's this year's (or next year's?) limited edition

NissanGTR-R35-TSpec 00
NissanGTR-R35-TSpec 00
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It seems rather late in the year to reveal a 2021 model, but Nissan has just dropped a new variant of its GT-R supercar. Called the T-spec, it's a limited production variant of Godzilla positioned above the GT-R Premium model. It comes in a couple of throwback colors from the GT-R's extensive history, as well as a green interior that is, frankly, awesome.

While the T-spec soldiers on with the same 565 horsepower, 467 lb-ft twin-turbo 3.6-liter V6 that the GT-R has had since its 2017 update, the car does feature a number of upgrades to set it apart from the standard GT-R. For one, the front fenders are wider units last seen on the 2020 Track Edition. Behind them lurk brake air guides and carbon-ceramic rotors from the harder-core GT-R Nismo. A carbon-fiber rear spoiler rounds out the changes that would have any effect on performance.

You'll be able to identify the T-spec cars by their black hood ducts, color-matched mirrors, and Rays forged aluminum alloy 20-inchers finished in a gold exclusive to T-spec cars. Naturally, badges identifying it as such can be found on the grille, rear, center console, and door sills.

As an homage to its predecessors, the T-spec comes in two colors not available on lesser GT-Rs, Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade. The former was introduced on the 1995-98 Skyline GT-R, known by its chassis code as the R33 generation. Variations of the color were brought back twice for the following R34 generation, each time released as a limited edition.

Millennium Jade, on the other hand, was exclusive to the 2002 Nür edition cars, named after the Nürburgring where Nissan tested the GT-Rs (and held a long-standing production car lap record) long before every automaker and their mother were comparing lap times. The Nür cars were the last Skyline GT-Rs until the R35 burst onto the scene in 2008.

Inside, Nissan is introducing a new color called Mori Green, and it is fantastic. The automotive kingdom desperately needs more green interiors that resemble my parents' Chevy land yacht from the early 1970s, and boy does this cabin deliver. A forest-y green adorns the semi-aniline leather-appointed seating, while soft-touch surfaces atop the dash give off a more grayish appearance. A unique quilted headliner rounds out the T-spec differences in the interior.

Curiously, Nissan USA's press release describes it as a 2021 model year car, while Nissan Japan describes it as a 2022 model year car. We're not sure if this is a typo, or if it spells out something more ominous about the future of the U.S. market GT-R. After all, the GT-R is rumored to have a hard production stop sometime next year, after which a redesign might bow. We've reached out to Nissan for clarification and will update the article if we learn more.

In Japan, the T-spec is limited to 100 cars, with potential customers being determined by lottery. Nissan hasn't said how many will be sold stateside, except that it is a limited production vehicle with a "very limited" number to be made available. GT-R T-specs will cost $140,285 including a $1,795 destination fee when it goes on sale this winter alongside the previously announced, $217,485 GT-R Nismo Special Edition.

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