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No joke - Blipshift's 'Apex Everything Sale' starts right now!

The brand just dropped 20 awesome new designs

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Blipshift is back with yet another holiday promotion, and this one is no joke. The "Apex Everything Sale" starts today at noon and runs until April 5 at 11:59 p.m. ET. If you've somehow managed to avoid Blipshift until now, it's time to give in to the hype. The brand offers brand-new, limited-run, car-based T-shirt designs every few days, and Autoblog has been collaborating with and fawning over them for years. We're always impressed with the designs offered by the quippiest brand in automotive-inspired apparel, and this sale is no different. In addition to tees, you'll also find things like watch bands, dress ties, and even face masks for sale. Check out some of our favorite designs from the April Fool's Day event below, or see all of the new limited-time tees right here

Midnight Club

To kick us off, we've got an epic design featuring "The Blackbird," AKA the Yoshida Special 930, a modified 1979 930 Turbo 3.3 Coupe, tuned by Yoshida Eiichi, the founder of the real-life Midnight Club of the '80s, hence the shirt's name. It's a beautiful interpretation of the vehicle, eliciting a sense of speed and beauty, worthy of its namesake.

Disposable Income

This design is funny in a way that kind of hurts, but you know what they say, comedy comes from pain. Many of us are just a bit too "poorish" to ever be able to afford our dream Porsche, but at least we can all get an awesome minimalistic tee to give ourselves a chuckle about it. 

Periodic Maintenance

This clever tee features the periodic table of dashboard indicator lights and includes every icon from your classic check engine light to the totally benign cruise control indicator. The color here really makes the design pop, and the idea is creative and well-executed.

Workin for the Weekend

Regardless of how much you love your job, everyone has experienced that feeling of excitement for the work week to be over and the weekend to arrive.  After five days of mouse clicks, emails, and zoom calls, sometimes it's just necessary to take the weekend to work on a car and go for a drive. This shirt encapsulates that feeling perfectly.

Manual Labor

This one is for the Jeremy Clarkson fans out there. As you know, when it comes to great cars, there's nothing more important than "speed and power." Now, you can let the world know that you know what's up thanks to this great design paying homage to "Clarkson's speed and power shop."

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