2021 Ram 1500 TRX Back Seat Driveway Test | Jump that gorge with the kids!

The Ram goes above and beyond with thoughtful, family friendly features

The TRX is the newest and sexiest 2021 Ram 1500. It's also the most powerful by a few hundred horsepower and its eye-popping suspension makes it capable of truly eye-popping things off road. As in both "off the paved road" as well as "we've jumped off the road and will eventually land back down upon it."

Thing is, though, that suspension makes the TRX shockingly comfortable when you're back on terra firma. It's downright plush, the result of its four-wheel coil springs with extra-long initial travel. In other words, this is one high-performance vehicle you can get without fear of sneering from the significant other about buying some firm-riding sports thing that makes long journeys miserable. Just don't tell them about the fuel bill. 

Besides the ride, though, the TRX shares the same crew cab as any other 2021 Ram 1500. Besides having the same sort of palatial legroom as the crew cabs of any full-size truck, the Ram's goes above and beyond in a number of ways, especially in an upper trim level like the TRX. 

First off, it reclines. Though not the only truck to do so (hello Tundra!), this is nevertheless a great feature that fully takes advantage of the immense legroom the crew cab affords. Note that the front seats are as far back as they can go in this picture. 

One tidbit: The seatback doesn't just tilt backward. There's no room for that. Instead, the top of the seat basically stays put while the bottom slides forward along with the seat bottom. Airplane seats and the reclining chair in my office work in a similar manner. And, since you're basically pulling the seat forward, the reclining mechanism is located between your legs under the seat bottom. 

Lots of power available back here, too. There's a proper house-style outlet so you can plug in a toaster or whatever, along with both USB-A and USB-C ports. Note that there aren't four ports, just two with a choice of port type. 

Also, check out those seat controls. Not only do the back seats recline, not only are they heated, but they're also ventilated. That's really cool. Literally!

Besides the little shelf you can store a phone while it charges, the center console cupholder unit doubles as a tablet holder. Thoughtful touch.

Admittedly, that trim piece is a bit wonky. Only noticing that now in the picture. Didn't see it in person. 

Here's another thoughtful touch I'm quite certain is specific to the TRX: Molle straps on the front seatbacks to attach whatever you want.

Here's the fold-down center armrest, which we've already determined is a more robust and nicely finished unit than what Ford provides. 

On the other hand, the Ram's fold-out storage bin/divider is less voluminous and/or gun-ready than what you'll find in the Ford F-Series.

Finally, let's talk car seats. The Ram 1500 has lower LATCH anchors for all three seating positions, which is extremely rare. And this isn't the usual situation where there's just an extra LATCH anchor in the middle and you "borrow" one of the anchors from an outboard seat (thereby preventing you from using that seat). Nope, there are two proper LATCH anchors down there, and although they aren't perfectly in the center (they're off to the right), the Ram is so wide you can still fit a person on either side of the seat. 

The LATCH anchors are also very easy to access and there was no problem plugging in the Chicco attachment clasps. Below are the outboard LATCH anchors.

Frankly, you're more likely to use those considering it can be a bit difficult to hoist child seat + child up into the middle of the cab, especially the extra-tall TRX.

There's definitely no problem with space, though, as there is room to spare despite the front seats being all the way rearward in the below picture.

So there you have it. The Ram 1500's above-and-beyond back seat features. You really can't beat it. 

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