GPS tracker leads Michigan police to a semi loaded with stolen cars

They also found plenty of cash in the truck's cabin

Truck loaded with stolen cars
Truck loaded with stolen cars / Image Credit: Michigan State Police
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Michigan State Police officers say a GPS tracker led them to a moving truck loaded with stolen vehicles, including a handful of patrol cars. Law enforcement officials also discovered about $10,000 in cash in the truck's cab.

Officers received a 911 call from someone reporting a stolen car at about 10 p.m. on October 21, according to The Detroit News, and the owner told them the vehicle was equipped with a GPS tracker. The caller accessed the device's coordinates and told officers the missing car was moving on a freeway near Van Buren Township, which is between Romulus and Ypsilanti in the southeastern part of the state. Police prepared to intercept it.

Once on location, officers realized the car they were tracking wasn't traveling under its own power. It was parked on a commercial car hauler being towed by a Peterbilt semi. After stopping the truck, they closely examined the load and found at least three other cars declared stolen by police departments around the state. One was a 2020 Dodge Charger stolen from the Warren Police Department. It was accompanied by a 2018 Charger taken from the Southfield Police Department, and a 2017 Charger that belongs to the Detroit Police Department.

The driver, a resident of Long Beach, California, told officers he had just bought the trailer, though whether it came with the stolen cars hasn't been made clear. He said he planned to stop in Belleville to pickup another car before continuing his trip. We don't know how the cars ended up on the trailer, or where they were going. The Detroit News added the Michigan State Police's Southeast Auto Theft Team is still investigating the incident. 

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