This '85 Jeep Cherokee has a manual, steel wheels and only 42,000 miles

It's so basic, you can imagine it being given away on 'The Price is Right'

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Sometimes an old car will just make you shake your head and ask "how?" In this case, how did someone only put 42,000 miles on what is easily one of the most basic, lightly equipped Jeep Cherokees ever made? Currently for sale, it has the 2.5-liter four-cylinder, a four-speed manual transmission and vinyl seats. The wheels are steel and the "color" is such that you wonder if pigment was an option. It doesn't have air conditioning and the radio is so basic I can't actually tell how it works without closer images of the thing. There's also no tach, which has to be fun with that manual. 

And yet, this sucker is a survivor and pristine in all its basic glory. People frequently lament that Jeeps today are too cushy and luxurious, as even the rough-and-ready Wrangler Rubicon is packed to the roll bars in creature comforts. Well, this is as simple as it gets. Honestly, perhaps a little too simple with that four banger under the hood, but simple can be good. There's less to go wrong and considering my father went through two automatic transmissions with his then-new 1985 Cherokee back in the day, perhaps having the manual isn't a bad thing for reliability. 

The CarFax is clean and the selling dealer provides a 30-point inspection, though there are some paint chips and we seriously doubt that green carpet is original. Not a bad choice, though, if someone did indeed add it along the way.

This Cherokee is for sale by Vintage Worldwide Autos in Denver. They're asking $15,900, which seems steep, but prices for classic SUVs are getting nutty these days, so who knows?

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