General Motors designers sketch the GMC pickups of the future

They're a peek into the design team's wildest ideas

GMC truck rendering
GMC truck rendering / Image Credit: Joe Boniface
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It's been a busy few years for GMC's team of stylists. They penned a new look for the Yukon and the Yukon XL, and they gave the Sierra 1500 a nip-and-tuck that we'll discover in the coming months. Overhauling these hugely significant models hasn't stopped them from exploring how the firm's design language can evolve.

General Motors Design posted two forward-thinking renderings on its official Instagram account that illustrate two ways to move GMC's design identity forward. Karan Moorjani, who works as an exterior designer for the company's autonomous and electric vehicle division, created a truck that breaks all ties with the Sierra. It's characterized by a tall front end with a wide grille and thin LED headlights, sculpted sides, and an unusually low cab. Generously-sized fender flares and tires suggest Moorjani envisioned it as a serious off-roader.

Joe Boniface, a member of GMC's Strategic Advanced Design team, took a more realistic approach to moving the design language forward and away from sister company Chevrolet's. His rendering shows a Heavy Duty model with a Denali-branded grille that takes up most of the real estate on the front end and encompasses horizontal rows of LED daytime running lights. It wears less chrome than the current-generation Sierra HD.

Nothing suggests either truck is currently on its way to production; General Motors Design regularly publishes sketches from the brand's stylists. Its fascinating Instagram account also shows a Cadillac off-roader, a battle-ready Chevrolet pickup, and a high-riding, open-top two-seater with General Motors emblems that looks like a race car for the Moon. 

"Often, these works are not intended for production," a GM spokesperson told Autoblog. "Instead, designers create them to hone their creative skills, to try new shapes or themes, and sometimes simply for the fun of sketching something badass. The GM Design Instagram account was launched to share some of the most compelling, most badass works GM Designers produce."

They're sketches created for the sake of sketching, but they give us a peek at the ideas floating around the minds of the men and women who will draw the next generation of General Motors products.

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