Cadillac Lyriq teased ahead of debut next week

We get a number of good angles to look at the electric crossover

Cadillac Lyriq teaser
Cadillac Lyriq teaser / Image Credit: Cadillac
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The Cadillac Lyriq is just around the corner, set to be fully revealed on August 6. Cadillac just released a few teaser photos and videos as preparation for the big debut a week from today. It’s our best look at the production version of the car yet. Of course, you may remember photos of the EV concept released over a year ago, but the production crossover is shaping up to be a little different.

This car’s most intriguing element so far is the charge outlet panel integrated into the front fender. The large piece appears to lift up and slide out of the way when it’s time to plug in. This reveals a decorative LED light strip that outlines the outlet, ultimately leading into the Cadillac logo above. Below the panel is a small, silver GM badge that if our guess is correct, says “Ultium” for the Ultium battery technology going into the Lyriq. 

The wheels feature a unique silver and black two-tone design. Those black inserts are ridged, and the wheel is likely designed for better aero performance and increased range. It’s tough to say much about the design itself, but the silhouette is giving us crossover coupe vibes with its heavily raked rear window and sloping roofline. It appears to have a couple spoilers, one on the roof and then another as a ducktail below the rear window.

Cadillac’s video teasers provide for the briefest of front end glimpses. Still, we can see the fancy lighting signature that Cadillac has created. There’s both a light-up Cadillac badge and small LED lighting strips integrated throughout the grille. It’s concept car-like in appearance, so we do wonder whether this will find its way into a production Lyriq. The vertical DRL we’re used to seeing on other Cadillacs has also made an appearance on the outer edges of the front bumper.

It’s been previously stated that the Lyriq would enter production in 2022, so even when GM does reveal the electric Cadillac next week, it’ll be a long while till we see the vehicle on the road.

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