Next 'Forza Motorsport' previewed with impressive graphics

It's a very short, pretty preview of the "early-in-development" game

Just as Sony unveiled its latest installment of "Gran Turismo" during its PlayStation 5 game presentation, Microsoft took a moment to preview the next "Forza Motorsport" video game for its Xbox showcase. Presumably, it will be called "Forza Motorsport 8" though the exact title is one of many details that have been left out of the short, but gorgeous preview.

In the solitary minute of footage, we're treated to shots of a garage with a variety of cars including the BAC Mono, a Mazda prototype race car and the Apollo Intenza Emozione. There are a number of drivers milling around watching screens, but the zoom-in of the engine bay of the Mazda is our first look at the amazing detail going into this game. More detail is shown when a bunch of Apollos are lapping Laguna Seca. You can make out tiny texture in the pavement and curbing. And when the camera pulls out to the edge of the track, you see trees with detailed bark and leaves, as well as plenty of shrubbery. The particle effects of tire smoke and dirt aren't looking too bad, either. And while not immediately obvious in the video, during the presentation it was revealed that the new "Forza" will feature ray-tracing for realistic lighting, and be able to run in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second for smooth, detailed imagery.

This is not a pre-rendered video of what the company is hoping to achieve; everything shown was running in the game engine, so it should look pretty much the same when it is released. Unfortunately, we may be waiting a little while, since the presentation revealed the game is "early in development," and no release date was given. As previously mentioned, it hasn't even been officially named beyond the basics. But we'll be excited to play it when it does come out, and it will be available for Xbox Series X and PC.

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