Ford's 2021 Bronco ad blitz kicks off tonight; here are the three opening spots

We're pretty sure Ford wants you to climb something

Ford debuted the 2021 Bronco SUV alongside the smaller Bronco Sport in prime time Monday night, and almost immediately after the introduction, kicked off its marketing campaign with a series of advertisements airing on Disney-affiliated networks. 

The three debut commercials include one spot featuring country music singer Kip Moore, a second spotlighting model and professional climber Brooke Raboutou, and a third with Academy Award-winning director and acclaimed cinematographer, photographer and professional climber Jimmy Chin ("Free Solo," 2018). Chin also collaborated on the production of the Moore and Raboutou spots, all of which are titled "Built Wild."

Spoiler alert: If you're into climbing, well, you're in for a treat. Let's dive in!

The spot featuring Moore focuses on the Bronco Four-Door, and depicts it being driven alternatively through hill and farm country. We get some good visuals of the largest Bronco with its top on and off, plus a brief glimpse of Moore removing its doors. Action shots of the (manual-transmission!) car being driven by Moore are interspersed with footage of him running climbing, and playing guitar. 

Next up is Raboutou's, which highlights the Bronco Sport. We get to see the hard-sided Sport fording water, but that's about as rugged as it gets. Most of the rest of the footage depicts it cruising on two-track roads, with the bulk of the commercial dedicated to Raboutou's (rather impressive) climbing prowess. 

Finally, we have Chin's spotlight commercial, which highlights the Two-Door being used as an accessory to Chin's adventures. We see it bombing around dirt roads, fording water, climbing hills and crawling over some decent-sized rocks. 

If you're missing sports this summer, you can think of these as the top of Ford's lineup; the only question remaining is, what's batting clean-up? We imagine Ford's campaign will kick into high gear as the Bronco's on-sale date draws near, which means the big guns could remain in reserve until winter. Stay tuned.

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