Bentley recalls nearly 2,000 examples of the Bentayga over fire risk

Even one-percenters sometimes receive recall notices

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Bentley is voluntarily recalling 1,892 examples of the Bentayga in America to replace a fuel line that could leak and cause a fire. The affected SUVs were manufactured between July 26, 2018, and January 15, 2020.

Documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explain the SUVs included in the recall are fitted with a quick fuel line connector that can leak if it's exposed to extremely high temperatures in the engine bay. Fuel and heat don't go together well, unless they meet in a cylinder, so the leak could start a fire. Bentley noted motorists might smell fuel in the engine bay if the connector leaks, but Autoblog learned from a company spokesperson that it's not aware of accidents, injuries, or even damage related to the problem.

The spokesperson stressed the recall only applies to the Bentayga V8; it doesn't include the W12 model or the plug-in hybrid. Only about 0.2% of the SUVs being recalled have this defect, according to the firm.

Bentley explained it noticed the problem in 2018, when a customer complained the SUV smelled like gasoline. Technicians identified the cause of the problem as material softening due to elevated temperatures in the engine bay, and engineers began working on a fix and testing it in real-world conditions. The redesigned part notably faces away from the hot side of the engine, according to a recall bulletin published by the NHTSA.

Owners of affected cars will be notified in the coming weeks, and they'll need to bring their Bentayga to the nearest dealer to have the fuel line and its quick connector replaced. It's a job that takes approximately one hour. The average Bentley customer owns eight cars, so at least Bentayga owners won't be stuck using Uber.

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