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2021 Ford Bronco Sport interior revealed in new spy photos

The 'Baby Bronco' spy shot drought has ended!

2021 Ford Bronco Sport interior
2021 Ford Bronco Sport interior / Image Credit: Brian Williams/SpiedBilde
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The delayed 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, aka the "Baby Bronco," was caught in the wild with its interior undisguised this week, giving us our first good look at what to expect from the interior of Ford's compact off-road variant. 

Two key details emerge from these photos. Most important, it's clear that Ford is not merely taking the "corporate" approach to the Bronco Sport's interior. While many of the individual components are no doubt shared with other vehicles, the dashboard layout has not been lifted from its platform mate, the Ford Escape. From our perspective, that's good news. 

The second, which follows, is that the Bronco sub-brand seems to be getting a bit of a coherent identity of its own. We've seen bits and pieces of the bigger Bronco's interior already, and the same squared-off, ruggedized look appears to carry over to the junior model. 

We see a healthy smattering of contrast-colored trim in these photos on both the dashboard and the door panels. In these shots, it appears to be a smooth, hard plastic trim, similar to that found in the Jeep Renegade. We also see a landscape-oriented infotainment screen, which at first blush might seem vaguely Escape-like, but upon closer inspection, they have virtually nothing in common

The Bronco Sport will be offered in several trims (also a la Renegade) with outdoorsy themes such as "Big Bend" and "Outer Banks." It will also share the 2020 Ford Escape's turbo engine offerings.

At this point, we've seen just about every bit of the new "Baby Bronco," but we've yet to actually see an official unveiling from the Blue Oval. We know for a fact that production of the new compact SUV has been delayed for two months due to logistical headaches stemming from coronavirus, but Ford has remained mum on when we'll get the production details. We'd say it's all over but the crying, but that's probably a stage of grief many fans have already experienced. 

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