2020 Chevy Corvette Z51 wrecked less than 24 hours after delivery

Owner says 'very drunk' driver pulled in front of him

Writer's note: explicit language in video and Facebook posts

As the owner of this car joked in the video below, there's a new option for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. It's called the 24-Hour Smash Package, and a man who identifies as June Bug is the only person in the country who has it. June Bug reportedly T-boned a drunk driver within 24 hours of taking delivery of his brand-new 'Vette. The impact was hard enough to deploy the airbags and cause severe damage to the C8's front end.

June Bug was one of the lucky few who recently took delivery of a 2020 Corvette with the Z51 package, but his new toy didn't last long. According to June Bug, via AutoEvolution, he and a passenger were driving down the road when what appears to be an early '00s Hyundai Accent pulled into his path.

"Me and my passenger were driving southbound on a straight away and all of a sudden a car pulls in front of my path attempting to do a illegal u turn and I t boned his car," he said in a Facebook comment. "The gentlemen was very drunk and he went to jail."

June Bug sustained injuries to his face and his passenger has broken fingers, but the condition of the Hyundai driver is unknown. June Bug also says that the driver did not have insurance.

From his short experience in the car, June Bug was impressed.

"Only had it for 200 miles but Itz everything every1 said it would b," he said in a different Facebook comment. "Plenty of power and the stopping capacity iz amazing... Not 100% sure of my speed but speed waz not a factor. I truly believe the duel caliper system saved the drunk guys life and ours." 

To make matters worse, June Bug cannot simply order another Corvette, as production has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Chevrolet said 2021 Corvettes will be built when production eventually resumes.


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