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Ford is continuing to develop the Mustang Mach-E from home, and here's how

The electric Mustang crossover launch is not to be delayed

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Ford has every intention to launch the Mustang Mach-E on time this fall, despite the coronavirus bringing much of society to a halt. The Detroit News just published a report about how Ford is making this happen, developing a new car from home.

Instead of gathering at the office, Ford engineers and calibrators have brought development cars home to work with. There are no more team rides where a group evaluates a car together. Engineers don’t even swap cars with each other anymore, instead, relying on feedback from each other, videos and photos. 

From the article: “Although it might be difficult to run the vehicles in certain scenarios to test suspensions and braking systems, the development team is able to test their electronic architecture and software to ensure all the parts are working properly and reliably. With remote access to most of their usual tools, the developers say they can do almost everything they normally would. Team members took home prototype vehicles to test and from which to gather data.”

We completely understand why Ford wants to keep a project like this moving forward, even if it doesn’t have access to the facilities it normally does. Reservations for the car are in, and folks will be expecting their electric Mustang crossover when they were told it would arrive. As of now, Ford hasn’t announced any delays or setbacks to its fall launch, but things change pretty quickly these days. Every car manufacturer is being forced to adapt or delay. In many cases (for cars we don’t even know exist yet), we fully expect some delays. Car companies have state-of-the-art testing facilities and tech centers that are typically bustling with people and constant testing. If employees are forced to stay home, it undoubtedly compromises the schedule of events for things that simply can’t be done in a garage lacking multi-million-dollar testing equipment.

Check out the whole story for more details and anecdotes from Ford on The Detroit News’ website here.

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