The Mansory Venatus is a widebody Lamborghini Urus that could scar your retinas

For those who believe understatement is no statement at all

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Nothing says, "I am a person of exquisite taste with an appreciation for subtlety" quite like the purchase of a Lamborghini Urus, but there are some in the world for whom that is not enough, people who need just a little bit more if they're to be properly satisfied. 

From the extensive use of carbon fiber in crafting new exterior parts, to the hours spent painstakingly poring over every detail of the interior to make sure it was as blue as possible, it's clear the Mansory Venatus is nothing if not more.

It's also not new, strictly speaking. With the 2020 Geneva Motor Show deteriorating into a sort of chaos, we've been perhaps a bit over-vigilant in looking for anything that may have fallen through the cracks in coverage. While researching Mansory's new Bentley Continental GT offering, we spotted this gem and quickly realized that it slipped under our scopes last year.

Either that, or the sight of it alone inflicted so much trauma that we've blocked it out; it could easily have gone either way. 

The Venatus is essentially a collection of wide body panels and other exterior parts from Mansory's growing Urus catalog. Everything from the individual pieces of the fender flares to the front of rear bumpers can be ordered individually, or as part of Mansory's three available Urus packages: Soft Kit, Wide Body and this one. 

This is far from the first time Mansory has thrown carbon fiber at a Lamborghini. We're frankly surprised that it isn't even more extreme, either visually or in terms of performance, as the German tuner has gone down both roads before

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