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2-door Ford Bronco mule spotted in the wild

We won't get any body work hints out of this one, but it's clearly in the works

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It's safe to say that Bronco buzz has reached a fever pitch lately. The first examples of four-door models with production-like bodywork have started to show up on public roads. Heavily camouflaged though they are, they've given us quite a bit of information about Ford's revived 4x4 nameplate, including detailed looks at the suspension and what appeared to be an extensive disguise hiding a removable top

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for shots as revealing as those we've seen of the four-door over the past few weeks, you're going to be sorely disappointed. With this mule, we're effectively back to square one. This powertrain testbed actually has a lot more in common with the early four-door prototype that was first spotted nearly a year ago

In fact, this shortened test vehicle doesn't give us a whole heck of a lot to go on at all. The shortened cab (borrowed yet again from the Ranger on which the revived off-roader is based) is the key giveaway here. You'd be forgiven for not spotting the difference, but you need only look to the B-pillar area and compare that with previous photos.

Upon doing so, you'll see the window has vanished, along with at least a foot of body panel. While this may not tell us exactly what the two-door model will look like, at least we have a good idea just how much shorter it will be. 

It would be reasonable to assume that the four-door will be Ford's launch model for the Bronco, with the two-door following later on — perhaps even for the second model year — if the disparity in development cycles indicated by the sightings of these mules nearly a year apart means anything. We can't say for certain, of course. 

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