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Feds now investigating UAW's new reformer president Rory Gamble, newspaper says

Detroit News also reports union spent $29 million on swag

Federal investigators working on the case of widespread kickbacks, embezzlement and bribes in the top ranks of the United Auto Workers are now examining Rory Gamble barely a month after he was sworn in as the union’s president.

The Detroit News reports that investigators are looking into whether Gamble and retired UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles received cash kickbacks or bribes in return for awarding lucrative contracts to a Detroit-area businessman to supply UAW-branded merchandise. Two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity told The News that investigators got a tip that secret cash payments were delivered to UAW officials at a Detroit strip club.

Gamble was named UAW president through 2022 just last month after former president Gary Jones stepped down to avoid being ousted by the union over being implicated in corruption by investigators. Jones has still not been charged in the case, though investigators have raided his home. Gamble led negotiations late last year with Ford, oversaw the UAW-Ford training center, which is being decommissioned, and has been seen as a reformer. He became the UAW’s acting president in November.

The News also reports that the union spent more than $29 million over the past six years on promotion, advertising and branded items such as shirts, key chains, Frisbees and bowling ball buffers to distribute to members.

Gamble told the paper, in part, “I would not have accepted the role of president if I couldn’t withstand the scrutiny.” Read the whole story at The Detroit News.

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