Nebraska State Patrol reenacts 'A Christmas Story' in its vintage '50s Ford

Oh, fudge!

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) made news in Summer 2019 when word got out the force was still occasionally using a 1993 Ford Mustang SSP, but that's not even the coolest car in its police family. The NSP also has a fudging cool 1950 Ford Mainline police cruiser. In the spirit of the holidays, some of the officers put the classic on camera and reeancted the flat tire scene from A Christmas Story. It's no 1937 Oldsmobile Six, but it does the job.

When we previously spoke to NSP about the Mustang, we also inquired about the Mainline that was seen in occasional social media posts. While the SSP was still in service, the Mainline was not, and we were told it was not running at that time. Whether or not somebody was able to get it going for this video is unclear, as the opening scene presents a fake driving scenario, but the next scene shows the car rolling to the sound of a fluttering engine. We couldn't get a hold of the NSP this time, but our guess is the movement was the result of a big push, and the sounds were part of the movie magic.

Running car or not, the two-minute clip is pretty cute, if not hilarious. Just like in the movie, four people are "riding" in the car when the tire blows. The father, played by the lieutenant colonel, gets into the pit stop mindset for the tire change. Son Ralphie, played by a trooper in the backseat, comes out to help, but the whole thing blows up when the lugnuts go flying. That's when Ralphie blurts out the infamous curse word. You (should) know how the rest goes.

Below the NSP video is the original clip for comparison. And for another look at the immaculate Mainline, check out State Trooper Plates, which which has a fantastic photo of the cruiser in its former glory.

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