Nebraska State Patrol still uses a 1993 Ford Mustang SSP

It's been on duty for 26 years

Nebraska State Patrol Ford Mustang SSP
Nebraska State Patrol Ford Mustang SSP / Image Credit: Nebraska State Patrol Facebook and Instagram
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Cop cars have reputations for being beat to hell, used and driven hard. But you'd never guess as such by looking at the Nebraska State Patrol's super-clean 1993 Ford Mustang Special Service Package (SSP) police cruiser. Only driven in warm seasons, the classic Mustang is still technically in service, and even gets to go on calls every now and then.

A large majority of the NSP's fleet is made of up Ford F-150s and Dodge Chargers, but the office keeps a few classics around for old time's sake. In addition to a 1950 Ford that no longer runs (seen in the last photo), the patrol has a beautiful white Mustang SSP.

Brought to light by The Drive, the SSP is no gimmick on the force, it's simply been in service since the Nebraska Patrol purchased it new. According to public relations rep Cody Thomas, the NSP had many in the fleet at the time, but this is the only one left. Although it doesn't have all the fancy tech of the new Chargers, it is still in service and will occasionally get involved in traffic stops. Otherwise, it is mostly used during events such as school visits or presentations.

The first Ford Mustang SSP debuted for 1982 (here's what it's like to drive one) with a high-po 5.0-liter V8 with forged pistons, power disc brakes, heavy duty stabilizer bars and dual exhaust. As part of a long line of Ford cop cars, it continued on alongside the boxy Crown Victorias that debuted after the Mustangs. Today, both the Mustang SSP and Crown Vics have cemented their places in police car history.

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