2017-19 Ford Super Duty trucks recalled for tailgates that could open

There's also a recall of 2020 Ford Explorers and Lincoln Aviators

Ford announced two separate recalls today, though neither has resulted in any known injuries.

The first recall, which deals with a tailgate malfunction, affects 261,617 examples of 2017-2019 F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super Duty pickups.

The second, which anticipates the possibility of a fuel leak, affects 3,893 units of 2020 Explorer and 2020 Lincoln Aviator SUVs with 3.0-liter engines.

Ford says tailgates might accidentally open on some 2017-2019 Super Duty trucks because of a short circuit. If the pickups have an electric tailgate latch-release switch on the tailgate handle, water might get into the wiring. If the water hits the right spots, a short circuit could cause the switch to release the tailgate latch.

In a worst-case scenario where the tailgate opens while driving, contents of the truck's bed could fall out and create a safety hazard. Dealerships will fix the problem by modifying the tailgate frame wiring harnesses with jumper pigtails and install a new tailgate handle release switch. Of the lot, 231,664 trucks are in the U.S., and 29,953 are in Canada. The Ford recall number is 19S48. 

The second recall is much smaller, involving fewer than 4,000 vehicles. In certain 2020 Explorers and Aviators with 3.0-liter engines, Ford says, "The convolute protective sleeve on the liquid fuel line is not long enough, which may allow for potential hard contact with the convolute-protected vapor fuel line. Over time, with vibration and engine roll, hard contact between the two fuel lines could cause the convolute on the vapor fuel line to rub through the plastic liquid fuel line."

If that happens, it could be a fire risk and hazardous for drivers and passengers. Only 35 of those SUVs are in Canada, and the rest are in the United States. Dealers will fix the problem by replacing the defective convolute with a full-length piece and tying it down with a strap. The recall reference number for the Aviators and Explorers is 19S49.

The recall adds to what has otherwise been a rocky early production phase for the new Explorers and Aviators.

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