Rogue semi tire totals MLB All-Star's McLaren

Trevor Bauer's 650S was in for service. It got way more than that.

No, unfortunately, that is is not a rear-mounted spare tire for a rally-inspired McLaren 650S. It's a semi truck tire with a mind of its own that crashed into a McLaren dealership and apparently totaled the innocent supercar Cincinnati Reds All-Star pitcher Trevor Bauer.

Bauer's Thanksgiving week was a bit marred this year due to a freak accident that looks like something out of a Vacation movie. Well, if Clark Griswold drove a supercar worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, that is.

On Bauer's Twitter, spotted by The Drive, he said, "Yesterday, if you told me a semi truck would total my Mclaren [sic], I would’ve believed you. If you told me it would happen like THIS? I would’ve said you’re out of your mind. If this isn’t @Mayhem I don’t know what is @Allstate."

He explained further on his Instagram, saying, "Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m #thankful no one was hurt when this semi truck tire came loose on the freeway crossed 6 lanes of traffic launched over two rows of cars and smashed my #mclaren650s while it was at the dealership." 

The car was getting serviced at McLaren Houston, which is right next to Interstate 45, also known as North Freeway, in Texas. According to KHOU, the tire broke free of an 18-wheeler that had just crashed and found its way through the dealership glass. Luckily, nobody was injured.

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