Cheap Nissan Skyline trove hides in hidden warehouse in rural Japan

Trust Kikaku sells cheap Skylines ready to go, plus plenty of parts

Trust Kikaku is a Japanese company specializing in everything Skyline, including everything Skyline GT-R. Its main location sits at the end of a spur road set among farm fields in Shimotsuma, Japan, about an hour outside Tokyo, three minutes from the drift-loving Tsukuba Circuit. When an Australian YouTuber known as Sammit paid a second visit to the Japanese location to ogle a glut of Skylines and parts, the owner took Sammit on a tour of a secret warehouse complex 10 minutes away. Based on the video The Drive first noticed of the wares and especially the prices, it seems Trust Kikaku could be another corner of Skyline heaven. 

Sammit found different life-sized loot boxes in every corner of the warehouse. Parked on the front apron were a mess of Skylines from bodyshells to complete cars, in two- and four-door styles, in every R32, R33, and R34 guise. Inside one room of one of the warehouses, Trust Kikaku stored a range of used Skylines at prices that might not be beat anywhere outside of Japan, and possibly not in Japan. There was a non-turbo four-door automatic R34 25GT for $2,000 U.S., another for $3,500 U.S., another for $7,000, one R34 GTT (the 25GT Turbo) for $9,000 U.S., another with a sunroof, manual transmission, and low miles for $11,000. True, an international buyer would need to handle the cost and admin of importing the car. Yet for a GT-R devotee looking for a particular experience, Trust Kikaku could be a fine place to start. And Kikaku will store a car that's been sold for $50 per month until the overseas owner can ship it out. 

Trust Kikaku also deals in parts. Another room in a different warehouse contained nothing but Nismo GT4 wheels, yet another room stored body parts and hoods, engine blocks and Getrag transmissions. There are even hard-to-find parts like the OEM Nismo titanium strut tower for an R34, Skyline GT-R logo seatbelt covers, the fiberglass surround for an R32 intercooler vent. Need 500 JDM bumpers for a Nissan Z car or a Subaru WRX STI door? They're in there, too. 

As far as we could tell, the cars aren't listed on any of Trust Kikaku's sales channels on Facebook or Yahoo Auctions Japan, but toward the end of the video Sammit explains how to inquire about the huge number of parts on the Yahoo Auctions site and make specific inquiries. Be warned, the company responds to every message, but with only two English speakers and hundreds of messages every day, responses can take a minute.

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