Lexus teases a wild electric car concept for Tokyo Motor Show

This will be interesting

The Tokyo Motor Show is shaping up to have plenty of wild concepts, from Mitsubishi's turbine-powered plug-in hybrid to Daihatsu's funky mini cars. But we doubt any of these cars will top what Lexus is bringing based on the teaser image above.

Not much is shown of the car, but what is visible is extreme. We can see what looks like the Lexus spindle grille taken to its ultimate conclusion with the lower section seemingly wrapping around the front corners. The edges of the grille contain the car's headlights. The nose looks quite blunt and the windshield looks to be placed far forward. Since this is an electric car concept, having the cabin close to the front is possible and makes sense for maximum cargo space. We can also make out the instruments, which appear to be rendered in concentric circles on a transparent display.

Things like range, power and more are yet to be revealed. The car's unveiling will be at the Tokyo Motor Show in just a couple of weeks. With looks this dramatic, it's hard to imagine how it could translate to a production Lexus EV. But if it does, Lexus will be taking a mighty bold direction in car design.

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