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2021 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon facelift spied

Don’t expect major changes to the GM midsizers

2021 GMC Canyon
2021 GMC Canyon / Image Credit: SpiedBilde
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The Chevy Colorado and its GMC Canyon twin have been on sale for a good long time now, and while things move a little more slowly on the truck side when it comes to facelifts and model changeovers, it seems like it’s about time. So it’s no surprise to see some lightly camouflaged trucks running around ahead of what appears to be a minor refresh for the 2021 model year.

Starting with the Colorado, it appears to have a bowtie hiding behind some camo in the center of the grille, which otherwise looks like the no-bowtie option you can get on 2019-and-up trucks. It could be that Chevy is keeping the no-bowtie grille design but allowing a bowtie to grace it, or it could be misdirection. Either way, the grille pattern adds a bit of flair to the otherwise staid front end design. There also appears to be a bit more shape to the lower air inlet, with echoes of some of the lower fascias of its bigger Silverado stablemate.

The Canyon, on the other hand, shows more extensive front-end changes. At first glance, it looks to emulate some variants of the GMC Sierra, which would make sense given those models’ changes for the 2020 model year. In particular, this Canyon has hints of Sierra HD, being more square and monolithic than the regular Sierra 1500s, although it’s a little hard to tell with the camo covering the edges of the grille. It could certainly also adopt more rounded corners like the 1500s. Either way, it’s more vertical and there’s less differentiation between the upper grille and lower opening.

There’s nothing in the way of changes around the sides or back, and while there may be some minor changes inside, we aren’t expecting any. The word around town is that this isn’t a full facelift, but rather a minor front end tweak that’ll just be a regular part of the model-year changeover. 

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