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First Drive
First Drive
Likes the rocks | 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 First Drive

Don't expect Raptor Lite, but do expect a very compelling package.

First Drive
2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel First Drive [w/video]

Medium Truck, Big Torque, Minimal Sound

Chevy adds the long-awaited Duramax diesel engine to the Colorado lineup for 2016. With it comes a most refined (and expensive) midsize truck experience.

First Drive
2015 Chevrolet Colorado First Drive [w/video]

Leapfrogging The Competition In One Big Jump

Be it in the category of luggage, pocket knives, personal computers or cars, the concept of an all-in-one, do-everything product is attractive to a lot of consumers. Why fuss around with stocking your pockets with toothpicks and tiny saws, asks Victorinox, when one well-packaged device can offer up all the functionality that a Swiss Army regular might ever need?