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Heritage Gallery at Atlanta HQ exchanges one set of classics for another

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Every six or so months, Porsche’s Atlanta HQ and Experience Center swaps out the cars it has on display at its Heritage Gallery. Since the beginning of 2019, this beautiful room has served as a tribute to Brumos, “America’s Porsche Team”. Accordingly, the room was filled with red, white and blue — more specifically, the Brumos livery of white cars with red and blue “sweeps.” Those are racing stripes, to those of us who aren’t steeped in Porsche racing history.

One Sunday morning in July, the Brumos made space for the next, less uniformly colored but just as significant exhibition: a celebration of the 914’s 50th birthday. Originally presented in fall 1969, the 914 was Porsche’s first mid-engine road car. Judged by sales numbers if not outright prestige, it was a success, with just under 119,000 units produced between 1970 and 1976.

The 914s will remain on display until January 2020, but if you can’t make it to Atlanta before then, here are some amazing visuals of the collection of rare and interesting 914s — as well as mind-bending shots of the Brumos cars — some of the most magnificent racing cars ever to see a corner.

And speaking of seeing a corner, all of the participating, privately owned cars in both exhibitions were given the opportunity to blow some dust off of their gleaming paint by running laps around the PEC’s high-speed track. We volunteered to do laps in the Can-Am cars, but something something insurance something something kazillion horsepower something something.

Whatever. Can’t have it all.


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