Bose put its most powerful sports car system ever in the 2020 Corvette

The coupe features 14 speakers

There is a lot of change between the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette and the all-new 2020 Corvette. The engine moved behind the seats, there is no manual transmission offered, and there are no chrome wheel options. But one thing remains the same: Bose is handling the sound. Bose first linked up with Chevrolet on the Corvette back in 1984, and the company claims the 2020 model houses the most powerful and best-performing system it's ever built for a two-door sports coupe.  

The 2020 Corvette system has 14 speakers, which Bose says is the most it has ever put into a coupe. Up front, it features 2.5-inch and 3.25-inch neodymium Twiddler speakers on the dash, with 4-inch neodymium wide-range speakers and 1-inch neodymium tweeters assisting on the upper door. Two 5.25-inch neodymium wide-range speakers and three 3.25-inch neodymium Twiddlers in the rear of the cab help create a 360-degree experience. For bass, each door has a 10-inch Nd woofer. Rather than using a box surrounding the woofers, Bose used the door cavity as the bass box to economize space.

With speakers sprinkled throughout the cabin, there is sound coming from every direction, whether it be front, back, side to side, or corner to corner. Bose calls this Centerpoint 2, and it's tuned to create a wide front stage that is complemented by surround sound. Bose aims to create a clear enough sound that listeners will be able to pick out each instrument and where it is coming from.

The biggest Corvette change, going mid-engined, forced Bose to completely rethink the entire Corvette sound packaging. Because the distracting  engine sound is coming from the rear, Bose had to tune the system to block that out. This is called AudioPilot noise compensation technology. It uses microphones embedded within the cabin to monitor noise levels. The system reads these levels, and Bose-tuned algorithms adjust the sound signal. 

As expected, Bose's top-of-the-line system is offered as an option, with a 10-speaker system offered as standard. Luckily, the 2020 Corvette is pegged to start at less than $60,000, which leaves plenty of cash for special features. Check out the full order guide to scroll through the features.

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