Mid-engine Chevy Corvette patent filing shows active aero, variable ride height

Details on the new car are still pretty scarce

The next-gen mid-engine Chevy Corvette is coming soon. It's been decades in the making, but we'll finally get our first full look at the car in California on July 18. Until then, we'll have to keep poring over spy photos, watching teaser videos and looking at patents like the one uncovered by this week. The new patent, filed on June 11, shows that GM is working on active aero, including a system that will adjust the car's ride height.

The illustration in the patent filing shows a C7, but it's likely simply for the patent filing itself. The language itself is fairly dry, but the abstract has a few good nuggets. It mentions a "system is configured to control aerodynamics of a vehicle" with adjustable elements on various places on the car. There's also "a mechanism configured to selectively vary a height of the deflector relative to the road surface and a position of the deflector relative to the vehicle body." There are a lot more details in the filing itself, so check it out here for a good deep dive.

Production of the current C7 Corvette is winding down, with orders closing on June 23, but you may be able to score a good deal on one before then. There are still plenty sitting around on various dealer lots, so check out our Car Finder page to see what's near you.

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