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Porsche's 'Second Skin' is a fun livery configurator on 'roids

Use preset wraps or design something new

Thanks to the Rennbow, Porsche fanatics can seek out and determine their ideal paint color. And now, with Porsche's new digital configurator, Second Skin, those colors can be imagined as a vehicle wrap. Launching in July 2019, Second Skin is a digital studio, of sorts, that allows enthusiasts to play shop with dozens of colors and designs to choose from.

Ultimately, this will be a design tool that customers can use to create a look for their vehicles. Initially, the configurator includes the Porsche 991.2, the 992, the 718 Cayman, and the 718 Boxster. However, Porsche says all of its vehicles, as well as vehicles from other brands, will be available in the future.

Porsche offers easy entry into the digital portal with pre-selected liveries that honor past motorsport legends, popular colors, and performance-oriented graphics. For example, a Martini livery can be applied with a classic look or in a stripes and pixels design.

At a later date, users will also be allowed more customization options. Porsche says it has worked with artists, design studios, vinyl paint manufacturers, and foil providers to collaborate on future design inspirations.

Porsche Second Skin

Second Skin isn't just for fun, either. Customers can design their looks and process the purchase through the app. The wraps start at 4,000 euros, or roughly $4,500, but that can easily jump thousands of euros with certain liveries. Configure a Martini Porsche today on Second Skin.

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