Get lost in Rennbow, a swirl of 500-plus Porsche colors

Hosted by Porsche Club of America

What makes a Porsche a Porsche? Is it the performance? The iconic style? Or is it the color, which completes the style and has been scientifically proven to increase performance? Porsche Club of America understands the value of a good paint job, and to highlight Porsche's extensive color history, it has launched Rennbow, an expansive catalog of hues. Apologies in advance for ruining productivity this week.

Rennbow, the self-described Porsche color wiki, currently has 514 colors and 1,760 photos at the time of this writing. They are organized into a database that can be broken down and filtered by year, color, and model. Those initial numbers will only go up, and the archive will surely become a massive crowd-sourced resource.

Each color has its own page, which shows the models and years it was used, the color codes, a color sample, a photo sample (if provided), a cleverly named "color commentary," and an explanation of its rarity. There's also a part that appropriately shows the name of the color "in German." Those who want updates on that color can input their email into a notifications box.

On the homepage, which is tied to Porsche Club of America's website but has its own independent address, www.rennbow.org, Rennbow will spotlight various colors and photos. Today, it's Petrol Blue Metallic, Mint Green, Heron Grey, Brewster Green, Atlas Gray Metallic, and Carmona Red Metallic.

Your dream color awaits.

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