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Car Club USA: Porsche Club of America Escape to Rushmore

Porsches Parade to Mount Rushmore Through The Winding Roads of Black Hills, SD

The Porsche Club of America, whose motto is "it's not just the cars, it's the people," plans its annual Escape in a different city every year. This year's was particularly epic, as Porsche fans headed to the Black Hills of South Dakota for their gathering.

The scenery and the history are part of the attraction, but the winding roads are the real headliner. "This road right here is the reason why we chose the Black Hills of South Dakota to do the 2015 Escape," said Ron Johnson of the Nord Stern Porsche Club as he navigated the mountain range. "These Porsches really love these twisty, curvy roads."

That statement neatly sums up why the sports cars have resonated so deeply with their owners and enthusiasts for so long. In addition to the guided tours and drives around the winding terrain, the club hosts a car show. This year marks the club's 60th in the United States, and the Escape drew a wide range of Porsches of all vintages.

Lloyd and Donna Nelson from Valley City, ND, arrived in their 1955 Porsche Speedster, which they purchased alongside a 1951 coupe in 1964 for a grand total of $750. Needless to say, it was a good investment – although they didn't know it at the time.

"We had two children, one on the way, we were both working and I really didn't see the sense in two old cars," explained Donna. "I said, 'one of them has to go,'" to which Lloyd responded, "which one of the kids?"

They sold the coupe long ago, but the speedster is still gorgeous and gets more than its fair share of stares and use. Will they win best of show? "This is what us as enthusiasts dream of," Johnson said. Watch the latest episode of Car Club USA to see how it turns out and for a snapshot of life at the Escape.

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