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Hertz launches its first subscription service for cars

Two tiers, and here's what they'll cost

Hertz is rolling out a subscription pilot program in a couple cities. This comes only a month after Enterprise launched its own vehicle subscription service, but Hertz is cheaper. The program is called Hertz My Car, and it's going to be available in Atlanta and in Austin, Texas.

There are two tiers of service. The first costs $999 per month (tax not included), and gives access to full-size sedans, small SUVs and small trucks. Expect the vehicles to be the same as you normally find as rental cars in Hertz's fleet. Tier two bumps the cost up to $1,399 per month but offers up luxury sedans, midsize SUVs and large trucks. Sports cars don't appear to be a part of the program, like the Mustang GTH and Corvette Z06 (now being sold) made for the rental agency.

The monthly fee also includes roadside assistance, limited liability protection, vehicle damage you may incur and any maintenance necessary during ownership. You'll also be on the hook for a $250 one-time enrollment fee.

Those who subscribe will be allowed two vehicle changes per month within the tier that you purchase. That means if you want a truck one week but a luxury sedan the next, you'll be able to make that happen. There are no long-term commitments tied to this program, so you can cancel whenever you'd like. Assuming the program goes as Hertz would like, it could open up to other markets around the country. Although, most manufacturer subscription services are still limited in scope due to only being available in a few select locations.

More and more subscription services continue to be launched in the U.S. You can check out a breakdown of some of the bigger programs here.

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