RM Auctions has Toyota Land Cruiser leftovers at the spring Auburn auction

They didn't sell at the auction, so they could be yours today

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser
1988 Toyota Land Cruiser / Image Credit: RM Auctions
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RM Auctions just held a spring auction in Auburn, Ind., and while many of the lots found new homes, some haven't. Among them were a surprising number of classic Toyota Land Cruisers. And since they haven't sold, they're yours for the taking if you want. Check them out in greater detail below.

This 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser is a particularly clean example of the two-door, short-wheelbase 70 Series Land Cruiser. This model was never offered in the U.S. originally, so it is an import, but it's one that will be easy to live with since it's left-hand drive. It has a manual transmission, and is equipped with a gas-powered 3F engine like what you would find in U.S.-spec Land Cruisers, so it should be easy to maintain. It doesn't look like it will need much maintenance, though, as it looks amazingly clean particularly under the truck and in the interior. It also happens to be a one-owner, unrestored example with Old-Man Emu suspension, lift shackles and all-terrain tires.

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser
1989 Toyota Land Cruiser
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We suspect there are many enthusiasts who will be more tempted by this 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser, though. It's very similar to the gas-powered model above, but under the hood is a 13B-T engine, which is a turbocharged 3.4-liter inline-four diesel. The diesel is also paired with a five-speed manual transmission. At some point in its life, this Land Cruiser picked up Old-Man Emu suspension, mud-terrain tires, a snorkel, ARB off-road bumpers, auxiliary lights and a winch.

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser
1989 Toyota Land Cruiser
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The third Land Cruiser we have is this 1989 FJ62 model. It's a beautiful shade of red with period striping. It's an American-market truck, so there won't be any worries about hard-to-obtain parts. Its fuel-injected straight-six is paired with an automatic transmission, so this is the way to go if you don't want to shift for yourself. It's of course the most practical of the three Land Cruisers here since it's a four-door. It also comes with Old-Man Emu suspension and a brilliantly clean interior. It is worth noting that it was involved in a collision at some point, but it still looks like a nice example of the breed.

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